“You are the sum total of the people you surround yourself with,” so why not surround yourself with a community of like-minded, inspiring, globally conscious leaders? Let your life be sculpted by the awe-inspiring experience of traveling with the purpose of using your skills to compassionately aid and support others. We are surrounded by some of the most inspirational Unconventional Leaders who have paved their own way to success. Our team is passionate about creating a powerful space of collaboration for local and global projects that support, empower and uplift all those involved.

Moving to a life of action, finding fulfillment from the results of their social activism efforts. Creating new business models with the aim of improving the lives of others, as they themselves develop greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. We lift each other up!

Let me introduce you to some of our Global Leaders who have activately shifted through old paradigms to become Authentic & Congruent Leaders driven to create sustainable change!

Steve Lee-Burman

What sets Mia apart is her ability to share authentically with us when things aren’t going perfectly, to share life’s ups and downs and teach us the freedom around being authentic. Mia also has a unique skill to be able to cut to the chase and pinpoint what the real issues are or what’s holding someone back. What I love the most is Mia’s energy around creating and promoting social enterprises that generate wealth for communities.The last 12 months of immersing myself in The Project and then Global Leadership Experience (GLE) has been the most challenging and rewarding leadership and business development that I have ever experienced.
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Business Abundance, Australia

Terri Billington

Terri wall
As a business mentor, trainer, facilitator, speaker, MC and global change maker, I use my passion, skills and over 30 years of learning from masters such as Mia Munro, Roger Hamilton, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Brad Sugars and many more to provide life-changing programs and events under the banner of Terri Billington Enterprises. Now based between Bali and Perth I train entrepreneurs to shift their businesses from stagnant to full potential allowing for a life doing what they love and not just making a living.
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CEO Elevating Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Perth and Bali

Otila Osborne

“It all began when I attended a one-day training with Mia in Wellington, New Zealand. At that time my life was pretty much as low as it could go. My beautiful mother had passed away unexpectedly, I was recovering from a hysterectomy, we had just liquidated two businesses and two of my children were seriously unwell. I attended because I needed ‘a way out!’ For 25 years I had been working so hard doing what I knew well and my world was crumbling.
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Success Executives, New Zealand

Deb King

Deb C.2
With the support of Mia’s mentoring and the Global Leadership Experience (GLE) mastermind team my idea moved into action in Tonga in March. Its thanks to this team Loving Life Radio was launched. I did the first fifteen Loving Life Radio interviews at the GLE in Tonga and they helped me gain clarity on what I needed to learn technically, and what I needed to ask my guests in order to achieve the valuable short nuggets that have aired on the show. As I evolved into a Global Leader I developed qualities of belief, commitment, resilience and action.
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CEO Loving Life Radio, Australia

Pam Fallon

photo 1
“This is my third experience with Mia Munro . . . Each trip has been fabulous and I have made some great friendships (which will be long standing for sure), and have grown personally as a result of being on the team trips. What I love about each experience is that I have the privilege of traveling with extraordinary individuals, who are committed to contribution and change and are all passionate about making a difference to the global communities we come across .
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6 Degrees Connections, Australia


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