I believe at the core of every human being is a desire to truly care for another” Mia Munro

  • I see a world that lacks Freedom in so many ways! And yet, we are PROVIDED with resources, opportunities and support us to be Free and we don’t tap into them.
  • I see countries with less resources and  perceived opportunities experiencing more JOY and PLAY.
  • I see the TRANSFORMATIVE power of leaders collaborating with each other, supporting each other in the community, and creating brilliant results.

I see self fulilment of Leaders as imperative when it is IN SERVICE to the greater whole; a community, a culture, a system.

I see Leadership as a sacred SOVEREIGN RIGHT of every human. Whether or not you think you are a leader, you have the potential to change someone else’s world with your unique abilities.

I see activated Leaders being the requirement for a new future!

So what?

The TRUTH is:

You deserve to fulfill the obvious calling to be a part of a grander plan
You deserve daily Life-Affirming Experiences
You deserve to experience Freedom in your world — True Liberation
You deserve to fill every plans with Meaningful Projects
You deserve to Leave a Legacy on this planet that is uniquely yours

We know this will take courage and new decisions…


With a global oriented vision, Mia Munro empowers Change Makers to embrace a balanced view of the way in which they create social impact. Through commercially viable enterprises and measurable social impact outcomes they can contribute to a sustainable approach in the new paradigm.

She demonstrates this through MIAKO, A Social Enterprise destined to correct humanity imbalances by providing new paradigm education & producing sustainable products with unique technology to contribute to the new transparency economy.

Having spoken on stages around the world for over ten years, and contributed to the start up of over 21 social projects, Mia has seen the rapid shift from a system that enhances poverty to new models that allow for sustainable change for humanity, the environment and animal kingdom.

A philanthropist with heart, Mia Munro has donated time and money to many causes however her contribution to challenging non for profits to build for profit models is where most of her impact has taken place. She is a strong believer in Ambassadorship and the role we can all play in taking personal responsibility for our own impact be it positive or negative.

Continuing her outstanding work in the domain of leadership, Mia authored the book ‘Get Real — Why Wouldn’t You?’ and created a highly successful ‘Wealth Performance Profiling System’. She filmed a full-feature documentary in 2012 following twelve leaders on their path from ‘Ego-centric’ to ‘World-centric’ and launched a documentary, The Unconventional Way, in 2015.

Mia currently speaks internationally and is facilitating her signature experiential learning program, the ‘Global Leadership Experience’ that focuses on activation, disruption, service, expansion and collaborative constructs.

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On a vibrant island of Tonga, off the coast of New Zealand, I was born the youngest in a family of four. I grew up as part of this community in a developing nation and not only witnessed, but experienced both struggles and triumphs alike. The love and collaboration of the Tongan culture has been woven into the fabric of my soul and has been an outstanding example I relate back to time and again in my own personal and professional life.

Every day I was exposed to unique situations, different from those of other New Zealand children. I witnessed children locked away in Polio villages, people with severe disabilities unable to get adequate medical attention, poverty, and yet- tremendous collaborative support from communities. It was a style of life that didn’t resemble to Westernized world my friends came from. In New Zealand I attended school and was socialized to follow normative standards of behavior, dress, and speech. I noticed that their so-called ‘civilized’ society lacked many of the humanistic qualities of my Tongan homeland – compassion for the community, support, and togetherness. I felt I was being molded, controlled into becoming just another play in their game. I felt discouraged to stand out or find my own uniqueness.

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