The Leadership Activation Academy

Leaders are being called to Step Up and into a new phase of Leadership beyond focus on Self. New perspectives and paradigms are being introduced and old ways simply do not have the capacity to be functional in this new pathway.

A changing world requires socially conscious entrepreneurs to lead in a new way.

The same old leadership styles, formulas and teachings are still being used in Corporations around the world and they do not cut it.


On MAY 1ST 2015 – The Leadership Activation Academy Launches Online.

Mia Munro took me through an intricate process of determining my true passions in life, and what it is that really drives me. While intrinsically I knew my life’s purpose, Mia was able to bring this to the surface and have the vision of building a socially conscious business, land in reality for me.

I a very short yet focused period, Mia provided me with the confidence, strategies and business tools to move forward. Additionally she has an innate ability to approach business models from different angles, opening up new and exciting avenues and opportunities I had not previously considered.

Mia is very intuitive, so as well as providing me with the business tools required, she opened up discussions about any personal blocks stopping me from achieving complete abundance in every area of my life. Her approach is truly a holistic one!

I find Mia’s mentoring style professional yet personal, engaging, authentic and fun! If you have a BIG vision around building socially conscious businesses and want to turn this vision into reality, then I highly recommend Mia. Not only is she business savvy to the max, she is an opened hearted, authentic and intuitive leader, with an inspiring vision and dedication to the creating a unified world.

Sarah McGahan


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