Global Leadership Experience

Global Leadership Experience Connecting Unconventional Leaders with Global Travel in an inquiry to create Sustainable Models for Change! Travel! Engage! Make a Lasting Impact!

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The first of many Global Leadership Experiences happened early 2011 in Cambodia. We connected a team of Unconventional Leaders with Destiny Rescue, a NPO which protects young girls who are at risk of, or have been victims of, the sex-traffic trade. This powerful, life-changing experience was filmed in a documentary

Standing for Truth, Authenticity, and Congruency, Mia Munro walks the path less travelled – living and breathing Truth in her own Unconventional Way. She is passionate about activating Leaders to create sustainable change in the world.

GLE Tonga Preview March 2014 from The Unconventional Way on Vimeo.

Mia knows there are many existing Leaders out there who want MORE:

• Personal Fulfillment

• Activation of Freedom

• Global Participation & Influence

∙ Social Activism

∙ Active Change vs. Idealization

Highly engaged and experiential, this opportunity is fueled with raw Truth. Be aware: you will not be able to leave Bali with the same conventional models running. Rather return home to Your Unconventional Way!

An intimate team of Leaders working together, bringing wisdom to light to be expressed and shared.

You will learn:

•How to take something you STAND for and turn it into a powerful cause that can be integrated into your current business or project

•How to Authentically STAND for your message and deliver it powerfully for great buy in

•How to FUND your project for initial start – up

•How to propose a Collaborative Opportunity to your community for greater support

•How to attract the resources, partners or energy required to turn your passion into your life plan.

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