Sustainable Social Business Partnerships


Destiny Rescue is a grassroots, internationally recognized, Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They help rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and are a voice for those that can’t speak up for themselves. They currently operate in five nations: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and India. 

The Unconventional Way Studio


The Unconventional Way Studio is a project that employs local Cambodian filmmakers to collect and edit stories from the region. They receive valuable training to work as a professional production crew and use their skills as an engine for social change. These young artists are given a voice through their craft and will have an opportunity to connect with the international community to spread their message.


Creating Life


Creating Life is a documentary project that explores the emotional journey of women who are seeking motherhood. Tracey Bain, Documentary Creator and Co Producer, discovered that her own incredible journey to create life could be used to contribute to others. The Creating Life documentary shares intimate stories of women and their families in order to strengthen and unify communities in their support of those who are on the quest to create life and spread awareness about a highly sensitive subject.


Gandharba Restaurant Kathmandu project


The Gandharba Restaurant Kathmandu project is a partnership between the ‘Gandharba Society Nepal’ and a group of social entrepreneurs from Australia. The focus of this organization is to economically empower the Gandharba people through hospitality training and employment. The restaurant is located in the heart of Thamel, the main tourist area in Kathmandu and is next door to the iconic Kathmandu Guest House. This project also provides a space for local women to share Gandharba culture by selling their handicrafts. In the future the restaurant will be used as a hub for other social projects that will benefit the Gandharba people throughout Nepal


The Alonga Project

alonga current partnerships page
The Alonga Project was born when Mia returned to Tonga after 39 Years with a Global Leadership Team to a project that was led by a woman who had taken to housing many young people with disabilities.
Jackie Pemberton is the Leader who has championed a project to send a container to Tonga to fulfill a promise the team made in July 2015!

In March, 2014 My name is Jackie Pemberton and I visited Tonga with a group of Global Leaders and we went to the Alonga Centre, Tonga’s home for the disabled. We met with a remarkable woman, Lovinia who has dedicated her life’s work to taking care of her residents, her family. We asked her how we could help. With tears in her eyes she gave us a hand written list of items that would make life a little easier. On this list were items such as cups, plates, pots for cooking, items that we took for granted as every day things. She was so humble that she went to great lengths to state that these items did not need to be new, second hand would be ok…..

I returned from Tonga to Australia and I sat on my couch once again. However this time I felt uncomfortable and with a new perspective. I sat holding Lavinia’s list and I asked myself..


I knew in that moment there was no turning back for me, I didn’t want to be another person visiting Lavinia’s centre making promises and providing nothing.

Join The Alonga Project , We need your support! Jackie


Final Moeloco Logo-05

Moeloco is the purchase with purpose brand developed by social enterprise Soul Republic. It is a fashion conscious designer and manufacturer of the Moeloco rubber flip flop where each shoe is designed to inspire with  positive messages of love, happiness, peace on the front of the shoe whilst also leaving these words imprinted in the sand when worn at the beach. For every shoe sold, a pair of shoes is donated to an Indian orphan or street child living in poverty. The shoes can be the difference of life and death to the these underprivileged children. Moeloco works with their charity partner, The Hope Foundation based in Kolkata who deliver an extensive range of programs  that  see children being cared for from 3 to 23 enabling them to work and contribute back to society after their schooling.


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