Bali Leadership Activation

Imagine a life where you felt Freedom daily
Time to do what really mattered to you
Energy to make real change in the world…

How does one become Activated? Action! Traveling with Mia to heart-opening locations worldwide that provide contrast to the world you live in. Put your talents and tools into action through experiential learning as you are exposed to areas of our planet that will both inspire and challenge your ingenuity and problem-solving skills.

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The journey begins with the Bali Leadership Activation


This is your opportunity to connect, align and collaborate with other Leaders of Change. Here we set the foundation for our Global Leadership Experience, by creating conscious conversation, strategy and planning around the needs of our target community. By tapping into the energy of the amazing island of Bali, we expand into spaces undiscovered before, both as individuals and a Collaborative Team.

Whether you are focusing on social based projects or enhancing your own business by adding the powerful layer of social consciousness, Mia will challenge you, guide you and expand your perspective on possibilities.



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