“As Business and Community Leaders it is our responsibility to change with the times. The world has changed, we must too!” Mia Munro

You care about the world you live in, you want to see change happen. But you question the way we are currently doing this?


There is a new philosophy in business that commands a balance between commercial success and community impact. We are seeing Social Enterprise emerge as the business of choice. Why? Because it commands the balance of profitable and sustainable models whilst solving social problems.

To scale up and truly make impact we must base all change making projects on strong commercial models for success.

Most Leaders start a Social Project based on a ‘Need’ without ever considering the social implications – resulting in failed ventures that have you begging for donations and draining your own bank accounts.

Leadership is not easy, the truth is it takes a very special and dedicated individuals like you to stand up and be loud and proud about social issues or the need for innovation!

We know that it takes certain qualities and attributes to be a Powerful & Authentic Leader! We have witnessed so many Leaders create innovative ways to impact our world, do you want to amongst them?

We know that your definition of success has changed and making money and being seen as success in corporate structures or your own business does not fulfil you the way it did on the way up!

You want to be known for the GOOD you have done in the world, the change you were part of and you wish this could all happen naturally without adding even more to your plate!

An ACTIVATED LEADER has learn’t Strategies that Integrate Self, Other and World perspectives! They work in alignment and this takes a very different way of thinking.

I want to connect with you to discuss how you can move your business to have a stronger social impact focus or your community project into a more commercial model!


The voices of some of Mia’s clients:

Mia Munro creates the playground for accelerated growth and change that is heart centred and community driven. Being in a creative and entrepreneur pod of possibility. I have been part of many mentor groups but working with Mia is different. There’s inspiration to lead and be led by other powerful leaders and the best is that we all have unique projects to offer and contribute to each other. It is the activation zone that is very driven and accountable for our projects and vision.

Ani Anikiko Malinova

As more and more of our lives are lived online, business owners and non-business owners are increasingly turning to social media to assist them in making decisions about life and social media projects. For many years, I have wanted to reach an audience that I found was very difficult to reach because of the unique service that I offer. Working with Mia has allowed me to refocus my business in all aspects. It has given me the opportunity to ask questions and see the true value of what I do come to fruition.
Mia Munro has both a global vision and the patience and understanding to work with individuals, a rare quality in this ever changing world.
Her ability to drill down and find a workable solution would have to be one of her strongest attributes.

John de Ridder

When you are looking for a mentor, it is important that they are able to walk the talk and because they have, they will have the right connections and be able to bring them into the equation. Mia not only has connections she has the right connections, all as passionate as she is to creating social change. I am ever so grateful that I was one of the chosen ones

Rod Hyatt

We had the Young Warrior Project already going, but were really struggling to take it to the next level. That’s exactly what Mia Munro has been able to help us do. I fully believe you get out what you put into a program, but Mia has been able to show us a level of support that has fuelled a desire in us to make an even larger impact in our community and the world. Not only is the business and marketing side taken care of in incredible, practical detail, but the personal touch she has is infectious across the team she builds. I now know that the sky is literally the limit.

James Greenshields

Experiences with Mia


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